BEWI Celebrates the Successful Merger of Jablite, Styropack and Jackon: Establishing a Powerful Presence in the UK Market 


BEWI is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the merger between Jablite, Styropack and Jackon on 1 July 2023. These three well-established companies are now joined together, creating a leading provider of sustainable packaging and insulation solutions in the UK. 

The merger combines the expertise, resources, and market reach of Jablite, Styropack, and Jackon to form a new business entity under the name BEWI. This synergistic collaboration will enable BEWI to deliver even greater value to customers, expand its product portfolio, and drive innovation in the packaging and insulation sectors. 

“We are delighted to celebrate the completion of this merger and the formation of BEWI in the UK,” said John Cooper, Managing Director of BEWI. “This strategic move brings together the complementary strengths and capabilities of Jablite, Styropack, and Jackon, and positions BEWI as a key player in the market. With our shared commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional solutions and drive long-term growth.” 

BEWI is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive range of packaging and insulation solutions to a diverse customer base across various industries. The new entity brings together decades of experience, technical expertise, and market knowledge, providing customers with access to a wider product portfolio, increased production capacities, and enhanced supply chain capabilities. 

In addition to bolstering its position in the UK market, BEWI’s merger will support the company’s commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles. By leveraging the collective expertise of Jablite, Styropack, and Jackon, BEWI aims to drive advancements in eco-friendly materials, recyclability, and waste reduction. The company’s sustainable solutions will contribute to the reduction of environmental impact while meeting the evolving needs of customers and regulatory requirements. 

BEWI’s newly formed organization will build upon the strengths of each former company and foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity. By leveraging shared best practices and optimizing operational efficiencies, BEWI is well-positioned to provide unparalleled customer service and exceed market expectations. 

With the merger complete, BEWI is excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. The company will continue to invest in research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and talent acquisition to further strengthen its position in the UK market and explore new avenues for growth.