Exceptional qualities

Tiling with JACKOBOARD®

JACKOBOARD® is the leading UK brand of polystyrene-based construction boards, wet room tile backer boards and other associated products for the tiling industry.

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Sustainable construction

Insulation with JACKODUR®

JACKODUR® is a premium range of extruded polystyrene insulation. It includes the best-in-class thermal properties of the PLUS range, compressive strengths from 300 to 700kPa and a wide range of boards in thicknesses up to 320mm.

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Future Homes ready!

Building Systems

Our building systems include the ICF system THERMOMUR® and the insulated concrete raft system JACKODUR® ATLAS. Both systems are designed for the rapid construction of highly thermally efficient buildings, with market leading air tightness and excellent acoustic insulation.

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