Our latest JACKOBOARD® Catalogue details the full range of products that have been developed for the UK market

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The JACKOBOARD® Brochure highlights the flexibility and versatility of the JACKOBOARD® system

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This section includes Technical Data Sheets, safety data sheets and installation instructions for the entire JACKOBOARD® range. Training materials, such as architects’ CPDs and technician training, are included in our TRAINING ACADEMY

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Exceptional qualities


Thanks to their extruded polystyrene core and the special coating on both sides, the JACKOBOARD® construction boards are the ideal substrate for all types of ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles.  They are waterproof, thermally insulating, easy to shape, light and strong.

One of the key advantages of these boards is their extruded polystyrene core that provides excellent insulation against thermal changes, ensuring that the tiles stay in place for longer periods. Moreover, this core also imparts structural strength to the boards, making them resistant to bending and breakage, even when subjected to heavy loads.

Another significant benefit of these boards is their special coating on both sides that offers exceptional waterproofing properties, making them impervious to moisture and water damage. This waterproofing ensures that the tiles remain firmly in place without any risk of warping due to exposure to moisture.

Furthermore, these boards are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to handle and install, even in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, their unique composition allows them to be cut and shaped easily, enabling you to achieve the desired shape and size for your tiling projects.

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