The JACKON Group has an annual turnover of Norwegian Krone (NOK) 3 billion, 850 employees in 21 factories in six countries, and sales departments in most Western European countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The company’s most well-known brand names are JACKOBOARD®, JACKODUR® (XPS), JACKOPOR® (EPS), THERMOMUR®, THERMODREN® and RINGMUR®.


The JACKON brands have a number of UK and European accreditations with the leading independent authorities, including BBA, ETA, SINTEF and CSTB. Our factories are managed to the highest European standards for quality, energy and environmental compliance.

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Our factories are managed to the highest standards of environmental compliance and our products are also independently tested to ensure they meet the most rigorous European standards. In addition JACKON products are designed to reduce the energy requirements of any building throughout its lifetime and therefore contribute significantly to a reduction in global warning.

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Trade Associations

We are members of the leading UK and European trade associations, including The Tile Association, Construction Products Association and the Insulating Concrete Formwork Association.

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Market leaders

A proud company philosophy

JACKON is a family-owned industrial group based in Fredrikstad, Norway. Since 1956 the company’s history has been one of constant development and profitable growth. The company has 850 employees and sales operations in most European countries.

JACKON is today one of the leading manufacturers of XPS solutions offering construction and industrial users the greatest possible insulation efficiency and cost-savings. As our customer, you can trust our extensive manufacturing expertise and rely on our broad range of products for climate-friendly thermal insulation solutions – both for construction applications and for many other purposes.

In compliance with modern Passivhaus specifications, in 2001 we became the first manufacturer capable of using an innovative and reliable production process to produce XPS boards with a thickness of up to 320 mm.

This expertise lays the basis for a sustainable future for the construction of residential and commercial buildings into the future.

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