JACKODUR® ATLAS & THERMOMUR® bring ICF innovation to the UK market


JACKODUR® ATLAS and THERMOMUR®, the Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) building systems from JACKON are set to revolutionise UK house construction in the coming years.

ICF is a modern construction method, which is widely used in Europe and North America and is just starting out on its growth trajectory in the UK. The system integrates insulation materials into the concrete formwork, which totally changes and modernises the way houses are constructed.  It is an energy efficient building method which creates insulated structural walls and floors for residential and commercial buildings.

As well as being easier and quicker to build, an ICF house provides massive advantages during the life of a building. These include: dramatically improved insulation and therefore reduced expenditure on heating or cooling; excellent acoustic performance; fire resistance; enhanced resilience to flood, extreme weather and seismic activity; rot and vermin resistance; versatility with regard to remodelling; minimal maintenance requirement; mortgage, insurance and planning acceptance.

JACKON brings over 60 years’ expertise in EPS and XPS manufacturing to this market. The company offers two separate systems – JACKODUR ATLAS which uses an XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulated core and THERMOMUR which uses EPS (moulded expanded polystyrene) formwork.

JACKODUR ATLAS Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation and formwork system is an intelligent and efficient thermal insulation systems for floor slabs and is ideal for constructing the foundations of energy-efficient houses.

The system comprises an economic interlocking system, which eliminates thermal bridges and has stable compressive strength properties. Supplied cut to size, rapid and problem-free construction is assured.

For the most energy efficient buildings, JACKODUR ATLAS should be used in conjunction with THERMOMUR. This is a robust pre-formed block with a hollow core manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). The empty core in the block is filled with a concrete pour during construction.

This system facilitates fast and easy installation on site and brings all the advantages of very high insulation levels, elimination of thermal bridging, air tightness, moisture and mould resistance and acoustic insulation.

JACKON’s EPS and XPS products are manufactured in Europe, with European technical and environmental approvals. These include European Technical Approvals and Passivhaus certification. They are proven to perform well and widely used in Scandinavia and other countries which experience extreme climatic conditions. In the UK the products conform to all the relevant British Standards and have BBA certification.

“Our high quality ICF systems make the construction of low energy, and even zero energy homes and commercial buildings, possible,” says Colin Higham, Managing Director of Jackon UK. “We believe that this system is now set for rapid growth in the UK, in view of the interest in energy efficiency and the Government’s green building agenda. JACKODUR ATLAS and THERMOMUR offer so many advantages both in construction and over the lifetime of the building, when compared to brick build, timber frame or any other building technique traditionally used in the UK.”