Make Your Construction Projects More Sustainable Using BEWI Insulation

BEWI is Europe’s leading sustainable building materials source. BEWI’s factories are managed to the highest European standards for quality, energy, and environmental compliance. In addition, BEWI insulation products are designed to reduce the energy requirements of any building throughout its lifetime and therefore contribute significantly to a reduction in global warming. BEWI is the perfect choice for sustainable construction projects.

Sustainable Construction Material Manufacturing

In this blog post, we will explore BEWI’s sustainable construction materials that can be used to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. Construction companies have a huge environmental impact, so it is important to find ways to offset this and become more sustainable by looking into the manufacturing process and how sustainable their operations are, as well as the material itself.

Our Environmental Pledge

We are an ISO 14001 accredited company. This indicates that our manufacturing facilities are now identifying and minimising waste by emphasising more suitable renewable energy sources and energy-saving techniques that produce a more sustainable and effective organisation, using less and saving more.

This certification validates the continuous improvement culture BEWI has adopted. Because it requires ongoing evaluations to keep environmental considerations at the forefront of everything you do, implementing the ISO 14001 framework into our organisation is not a one-time endeavour.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our extruded polystyrene (XPS) is made using a continuous extrusion method with electricity as the primary power source. Polystyrene granules are melted in an extruder, and a blowing agent is then injected into the extruder at high pressure. When the pressure drops at the exit die, the polystyrene foams, forming a board with a uniform and closed cell structure.

After trimming the boards’ edges, the product is cut to size. For specific board types, the smooth foam skin produced by the extrusion process is mechanically removed in order to improve the adhesive strength when used in conjunction with, for example, concrete, mortar, or construction adhesives. Some boards receive special surface patterns or grooves.

The majority of the off-grade or production-scrap material used in the production of XPS foam is recycled. And many of the manufacturing facilities have ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is a certification given to a business when they demonstrate that their organisation is customer-focused and committed to delivering high quality services.

Our Packaging

The polyethylene-based packaging film is recyclable and is actually recycled in those countries with a return system. It is important to provide recyclable packaging for products, especially those used in construction, which require protection to not be damaged during transportation, preserve and enhance the products, display important information, and act as a marketing tool.

Today, BEWI is among the top producers of extruded polystyrene (XPS) products, providing construction and industrial users with the highest levels of insulation effectiveness and cost savings. As one of our clients, you may put your trust in our in-depth production knowledge and depend on our wide selection of products for environmentally responsible thermal insulation solutions, both for construction applications and for many other uses.