Part L – Bring it on!

Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations are the latest phase of the Government’s drive to reduce CO2 emissions caused by the domestic housing stock – and they come into effect this month!

The changes were first announced in December 2021 and aim to tackle the fact that heating and powering buildings currently accounts for 40% of all UK energy use and 20% of emissions. From 15 June 2022, all new homes must produce 30% less carbon dioxide emissions than previous standards.

A step on the way towards the Future Homes Standard, which comes fully into effect in 2025, the Part L changes now put responsibility on to housebuilders and developers to deliver more energy-efficient homes and play their part in combating climate change.

Critically the part L changes involve a tightening up of the U-value targets for new homes, renovations and extensions. The new U-value targets can be found on the Government website.

The target U-value stated in the new part L regulations for external walls is U = 0.18 W/(m2 K), while the target U-value for floors is U = 0.13 W/(m2 K).

These targets are no problem for THERMOMUR® 350 Super range – currently its company’s best-selling range in the UK – achieves 0.15 for walls with no added materials, and the JACKODUR® ATLAS system can achieve 0.11.

So the benefits of JACKON’s 60 years’ expertise in EPS (moulded expanded polystyrene) and XPS (extruded polystyrene) manufacturing are easy to see. The company’s two complementary building systems, JACKODUR® ATLAS for insulated floor slabs and THERMOMUR® ICF for the formwork, enable you to build energy-efficient, sustainable buildings, which help keep you on the right side of the ever-changing construction regulations!