Unveiling Creativity: 3 Remarkable Applications of JACKOBOARD®

In the realm of interior design and construction, innovation and creativity have become driving forces that shape the way we envision and utilise spaces. When it comes to pushing the boundaries of design, the choice of materials plays a pivotal role.

JACKOBOARD®, celebrated for its versatility, is at the forefront of reimagining the boundaries of what can be achieved. In this article, we delve into the remarkable uses of JACKOBOARD® that elevate design to an entirely new dimension.

Captivating Ceiling Designs

Ceilings are often an underutilised canvas for creative expression. JACKOBOARD® challenges this status quo by offering an unconventional approach to ceiling design. These boards can be seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, serving as a blank canvas for creating captivating designs. Whether you envision intricate patterns, 3D textures, or unique lighting installations, JACKOBOARD® offers the flexibility and durability to transform your ceiling into a stunning work of art.

The versatility and truly lightweight nature of the boards make installation a breeze, allowing your creative ideas to soar.

Innovative Wall Cladding

JACKOBOARD® is not just an ordinary wall cladding solution. It provides a fantastic opportunity to break free from conventional design constraints. With a range of sizes available, you can create eye-catching, textured walls that infuse character into your space.

Whether you prefer a modern, sleek look or a more rustic and tactile feel, these boards can be tailored to meet your design aspirations. JACKOBOARD® construction boards are waterproof, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where traditional materials might fall short.

Creative Partition Walls

Partitions in interior design are often seen as practical dividers. JACKOBOARD® challenges this perception by introducing an element of creativity and style. Partition walls crafted from JACKOBOARD® can be both functional and visually striking.

They are customisable, allowing you to choose shapes, sizes, and even incorporate integrated shelving or artwork displays. This innovative application not only defines spaces but also serves as an artistic focal point.

In conclusion, JACKOBOARD® is transforming the way we think about interior design and construction. Their remarkable versatility and adaptability are pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

From captivating ceiling designs to innovative wall cladding and creative partition walls, JACKOBOARD® is breathing life into spaces and turning them into stunning showcases of design ingenuity.
If you’re looking to redefine living or working environments, consider the limitless possibilities that JACKOBOARD® exceptional building materials have to offer.

Designing Tomorrow’s Homes Today: How BEWI ICF Building Solutions Pave the Way for Smart, Sustainable Construction

The world of construction is constantly evolving, with a growing focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and smart design. In this era of advanced building technologies, BEWI’s ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) building solutions are emerging as a pivotal tool for designing the homes of the future.

These innovative products offer a solution that combines superior insulation, structural strength, and environmental sustainability, making them an essential component in the construction of smart and sustainable homes.

In this article, we will explore how BEWI ICF materials are leading the way in modern construction.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Technology

ICF technology is a construction method that employs interlocking insulated blocks or panels to form the structure of a building. BEWI ICF building materials are a significant player in this domain, offering exceptional insulation properties, ensuring that the interior of a building remains comfortable and energy efficient, irrespective of the external climate.

Superior Insulation

BEWI ICF materials are prized for their exceptional insulation capabilities. The combination of the insulation material and the concrete core helps maintain a stable indoor temperature, reducing the need for constant heating or cooling. This translates into lower energy consumption and cost savings for homeowners.

Structural Strength

In addition to their insulation properties, BEWI ICF building solutions are renowned for their structural strength. The reinforced concrete core ensures that homes constructed with these blocks are robust and durable. This not only provides a secure living environment but also prolongs the lifespan of the building.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainability is a significant concern in modern construction, and energy efficiency is a key aspect of this. BEWI ICF solutions excel in this regard by reducing energy consumption. Homes built with these products consume less energy for heating and cooling, reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

Noise Reduction

In addition to temperature control, BEWI ICF solutions also offer excellent sound insulation. This is a crucial factor in creating comfortable and peaceful living environments, making them ideal for smart homes that prioritise well-being and tranquillity.

Design Flexibility

Smart homes require thoughtful and adaptable design. BEWI ICF solutions offer design flexibility, allowing architects and builders to create homes that meet modern needs, including open spaces, large windows, and integrated technology.

Smart Home Integration

The homes of tomorrow are increasingly embracing smart technologies. BEWI ICF building materials provide a solid foundation for integrating smart systems into the building. Whether it’s for automated climate control, lighting, or security, BEWI’s building systems offer an excellent starting point for a smart home.

BEWI ICF materials are shaping the future of home construction by offering a sustainable, energy-efficient, and structurally sound solution. These materials are at the forefront of modern building practices, catering to the growing demand for homes that are not only environmentally responsible but also comfortable, efficient, and future-ready.

By incorporating BEWI ICF solutions into your construction projects, you are not only building homes for today but designing tomorrow’s homes with a commitment to smart, sustainable living.

How To Make The Ultimate Wet Room Using JACKOBOARD®

Wet rooms have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their versatility, accessibility, and ease of maintenance. If you’re considering constructing a wet room, using JACKOBOARD® building materials can help you achieve the ultimate wet room experience.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of creating a wet room using JACKOBOARD®, while also highlighting the benefits of wet rooms and key considerations during planning.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating the Ultimate Wet Room

Step 1: Plan Thoroughly

Determine the location and size of your wet room, considering plumbing, electrical, and structural aspects. Ensure proper waterproofing of the entire area.

Step 2: Sloping and Drainage

Create a gentle slope toward a floor drain to allow water to flow smoothly.

Use JACKOBOARD® construction panels to create the necessary slope and install a waterproof membrane to prevent water seepage.

Step 3: Tiling

Use high-quality suitable tiles for the walls and floor.

JACKOBOARD® can be used as a tile backing board, providing a stable and waterproof base for your tiles.

Step 4: Heating

Consider underfloor heating for added comfort. JACKOBOARD® can accommodate heating elements beneath the floor.

Step 5: Selecting the Right Shower Enclosure

Choose a shower enclosure that fits your space and complements the aesthetics of your wet room. Ensure that it is designed for wet room use and features appropriate seals to prevent water leakage.

Step 6: Shower Head

Opt for a shower head that suits your preferences and the design of your wet room.

Position it to minimise overspray and ensure efficient drainage.

Additional Considerations


Proper ventilation is essential to prevent humidity buildup. Install an extractor fan or an operable window to maintain air circulation.

Non-Slip Flooring

Use tiles with anti-slip properties or consider non-slip coatings to enhance safety.


Invest in high-quality waterproofing products to create a sealed and durable wet room.

JACKOBOARD® panels are an excellent choice for this purpose.

Sealing Joints

Pay close attention to sealing joints between tiles and panels to prevent water from seeping into the underlying structure.


If your wet room is designed to be accessible, ensure it complies with the necessary accessibility standards.

Creating the ultimate wet room with JACKOBOARD® is a rewarding and practical endeavour. The advantages of wet rooms, including accessibility and ease of maintenance, make them an excellent choice for modern living spaces.

By following this step-by-step guide and considering essential factors, you can construct a wet room that not only meets your specific needs but also adds a touch of luxury and functionality to your home.

JACKOBOARD®’s construction materials will play a pivotal role in achieving a beautiful and durable wet room that you can enjoy for years to come.

BEWI Celebrates the Successful Merger of Jablite, Styropack and Jackon: Establishing a Powerful Presence in the UK Market 

BEWI is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the merger between Jablite, Styropack and Jackon on 1 July 2023. These three well-established companies are now joined together, creating a leading provider of sustainable packaging and insulation solutions in the UK. 

The merger combines the expertise, resources, and market reach of Jablite, Styropack, and Jackon to form a new business entity under the name BEWI. This synergistic collaboration will enable BEWI to deliver even greater value to customers, expand its product portfolio, and drive innovation in the packaging and insulation sectors. 

“We are delighted to celebrate the completion of this merger and the formation of BEWI in the UK,” said John Cooper, Managing Director of BEWI. “This strategic move brings together the complementary strengths and capabilities of Jablite, Styropack, and Jackon, and positions BEWI as a key player in the market. With our shared commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional solutions and drive long-term growth.” 

BEWI is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive range of packaging and insulation solutions to a diverse customer base across various industries. The new entity brings together decades of experience, technical expertise, and market knowledge, providing customers with access to a wider product portfolio, increased production capacities, and enhanced supply chain capabilities. 

In addition to bolstering its position in the UK market, BEWI’s merger will support the company’s commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles. By leveraging the collective expertise of Jablite, Styropack, and Jackon, BEWI aims to drive advancements in eco-friendly materials, recyclability, and waste reduction. The company’s sustainable solutions will contribute to the reduction of environmental impact while meeting the evolving needs of customers and regulatory requirements. 

BEWI’s newly formed organization will build upon the strengths of each former company and foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity. By leveraging shared best practices and optimizing operational efficiencies, BEWI is well-positioned to provide unparalleled customer service and exceed market expectations. 

With the merger complete, BEWI is excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. The company will continue to invest in research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and talent acquisition to further strengthen its position in the UK market and explore new avenues for growth. 

BEWI Now Heads Up Former JACKON Brands

BEWI, the UK’s largest producer of EPS products for the construction industry, has become the parent company of the leading tile backerboard and construction systems brands JACKOBOARD®, THERMOMUR® and JACKODUR®.

This follows the merger between JACKON and BEWI in October 2022, which now sees BEWI become the owner of the three former JACKON brands.

These brands continue unchanged in their respective markets – and are greatly strengthened under the BEWI umbrella. BEWI is an international provider of packaging, components, and insulation solutions, with an especially strong commitment to sustainability. This is integrated throughout the value chain, from production of raw materials and end goods, to recycling of used products. With a vision to protect people and goods for a better every day, BEWI is leading the change towards a circular economy.

The former JACKON brands are a perfect fit for the company which has this approach to sustainable construction.

JACKOBOARD® is the UK market leader in insulated and waterproof tiling backerboard, which can make a real difference to energy-saving and sustainability in wetroom and bathroom construction. JACKOBOARD® provides tiling solutions Beyond Bathrooms® – with waterproof JACKOBOARD®, there are no limits to the diversity of interior ideas..

THERMOMUR® is an ICF formwork system for walls, comprising a robust pre-formed block with a hollow core manufactured from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). The core of the block is filled with a concrete pour during construction. The system facilitates fast and easy installation on site and brings all the advantages of very high insulation levels, air tightness, moisture and mould resistance and acoustic insulation.

JACKODUR® is a premium range of XPS insulation solutions for walls and floors, engineered to provide superior thermal performance, which is essential for ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings in residential and commercial buildings.

JACKODUR® ATLAS is an XPS thermal insulation formwork system for floor slabs. It creates a foundation with thermal bridge free insulation and its interlocking system enables fast track installation whilst ensuring complete design flexibility. JACKODUR® ATLAS together with THERMOMUR® are complete building systems specifically designed for the rapid construction of highly energy efficient buildings, with excellent air tightness and acoustic insulation.

Commercial sales across all brands and the Lancashire site, continue to be headed up by Michael Hailwood, Director. External contacts within the commercial team continue as before – Glenn Kiely, Miguel Jaen, Richard Douglas, Mike McCann, Martin Harragan and Scott Hatton, supported by Sara Hopkins and Andy Heathfield. Internal contacts remain the same.

Marketing for this Construction Division will be headed up by Jessica Banks.

“The synergy between our brands and the established BEWI philosophy is very strong, enabling us to take them on to the next stage, as BEWI opens up the possibility of many new and exciting developments in the near future,” says Michael Hailwood.

JACKOBOARD® Embraces Flower Power!

JACKOBOARD®, the market-leading brand of construction boards and tiling backerboards from BEWI, has helped notch up a major win at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

Working with the multi-award winning G.K. Wilson Landscape Services led by Company Director Gareth Wilson, JACKOBOARD® products have been a key element in the RBC Brewin Dolphin Garden, which has won a Silver Gilt Medal at the Show.

Designed by the celebrated garden designer Paul Hervey-Brookes, the garden features walls down two sides (totalling 90 square metres), which are tiled with 10mm Caledonian Stone Dover Taupe porcelain wall tiles 1m x 1m in size.

With the use of a diverse range of plants which themselves cost £45,000, the garden was designed to appeal to a young couple with a lifetime theme. It created an absolutely stunning impression and was a worthy winner at this year’s Show. The combination of the walls, the porcelain paving, water features and ceramic sculptures – and of course the amazing floral displays, ensured that the RBC Brewin Dolphin Garden would create the best possible impression with the judges.

JACKOBOARD® XPS Construction Board provided the ideal backing for the tiling work, due to its high bond strength, high weight supporting, lightweight and waterproof characteristics and the fact that it is very easy to cut and shape on site creating no dust or other mess.

“Our landscaping team are specialised in helping clients achieve the garden design and landscaping themes of their dreams. We went with JACKOBOARD® following an industry recommendation,” says Gareth Wilson, company director of G. K. Wilson Landscape Services. “We were advised that the company was reliable and good to work with. That has certainly turned out to be the case – and that is at least as important as the quality of the products, which cannot be faulted in our experience. I would like to thank JACKOBOARD® very much for their support in sponsoring us and also congratulate them for being a part of our success.”

JACKOBOARD® Supports TTA Awards 2023

JACKOBOARD® is supporting The Tiling Association (TTA) Awards again this year through its commitment as a Gold sponsor. In fact JACKOBOARD® was the first brand to commit to supporting this year’s Awards, immediately after the conclusion of the 2022 event.

JACKOBOARD® has been a sponsor of TTA Awards in the past, since it strongly supports the Awards’ values of excellence and achievement – and the team is very much looking forward to this year’s Awards, which will be held on 12th May in Birmingham.

“The Awards night and Tiling Show is a fabulous opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of the JACKOBOARD® team in the UK and meet great friends from the industry,” says Michael Hailwood, Business Unit Director – BEWI. “We were honoured to be finalists in 2022 amongst some great brands in the world of tiling. Mike McCann dressed as a giant bee was a particular highlight! We are now very much looking forward to the 2023 event, where again we will be Gold sponsors”.

Speaking for TTA, Chairman Paul Luff said: “We were pleased to see the return of JACKOBOARD® as the first Gold sponsor of the 2023 Awards. Having major industry brands on board from the start of the planning for 2023 was a real endorsement to the success of the day. Without this valuable backing TTA Awards would not be what they are.”

JACKOBOARD® – Native Manchester Hotel Project

Manufactured with an extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam core and a special coating on both sides, JACKOBOARD® construction boards form an ideal base for tiling.

JACKOBOARD® products have been used on the Native Manchester hotel project, which has been voted ‘The Sunday Times Best Hotel 2019 in the North of England’. A Grade II listed building, the hotel is marketed as Manchester’s coolest hangout.

JACKOBOARD® played its part in achieving the project’s success because the company’s high performance construction boards provide the flexibility to meet modern requirements in bathroom design. What might have once been considered just a washroom is now elevated to a private wellness oasis. In recent years, the demands placed on bathroom finishes have changed dramatically to allow refurbished bathrooms to shine like new with flexible and high-quality renovations.

According to Michael Hailwood, Business Unit Director of BEWI, ‘Native Manchester is a spectacular building based in the heart of Manchester, a stone’s throw from Piccadilly. At its beating heart is a fabulous atrium, great bar and restaurant and complemented by beautifully designed and appointed apartments.’

Michael explains that there is a twist to the story of the building, since he was involved in a previous project on the same site.

‘This is the second time I’ve been involved in the refurbishment of this iconic building,’ he says. ‘The first time was almost 20 years ago, when as a much younger Contracts Specification Manager, I supplied the tiles which were fixed by one of Manchester’s finest, Fitts & Chadwick.’

Michael concludes, ‘I’m delighted to say that JACKOBOARD® wetroom systems and waterproof boards were used second time around for the 168 bathrooms in the hotel, supplied by the renowned Euxton Tiles and fixed by GF Holdings prior to the same company carrying out the tiling work.’

JACKOBOARD® – Knutsford Swimming Pool Project

This amazing swimming pool refurbishment project in Knutsford, Cheshire was undertaken by Abstract Pools Ltd. Tiles from Designworks and more than 100 JACKOBOARD® construction boards were used.

Manufactured with an extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam core and a special coating on both sides, JACKOBOARD® construction boards form an ideal base for tiling. The surfaces of the JACKOBOARD® system provide an extremely strong bond and can be used on virtually any substrate. The boards are waterproof, thermally insulating, truly lightweight and very strong. This combination of characteristics makes them ideal for pool hall work. The result of this refurbishment is absolutely stunning and the owners of the property are delighted unsurprisingly.

The owner was abroad while the renovation was carried out. The pool was situated in the basement of the house and had been left empty for a few years. The contractor was tasked with refurbishing the pool hall and bringing it back to life. They stripped everything back to the existing substrate, and then rendered and screeded the pool itself, the jacuzzi and the pool surrounds.

A new steam room was added, using JACKOBOARD®. All of the pool hall walls were lined with JACKOBOARD®, ready to receive tiles. All tiles on this project were supplied by Designworks Tiles, the specialists in tiles and mosaics for swimming pools and spas. The tiles used on the project were Ezarri Lisa Black Mosaic for the pool tank, District Grey 1200x600x10mm for the pool hall walls, District Dark Grey for the pool coping tiles and District silver 600x600x10mm for the pool floor surround.

The feature tiles on the wall with the water fountains were actual volcanic tiles giving a spectacular feature. Glazed screens were installed to separate the pool hall from the living and games area. More volcanic tiles behind the wine rack were used to create further impact.

In total the project used more than 100 JACKOBOARD® construction boards, together with washers and joint tape. The clients were absolutely thrilled with the results on their return home. Anybody looking at the pictures can easily see why they would be very impressed with this outstanding project.

JACKOBOARD® Promotes Cost & Time Saving Benefits of Waterproof XPS Construction Board

JACKOBOARD® offers many benefits for installers of wetrooms and bathrooms. JACKOBOARD® is a waterproof, weight-loading and thermally insulating construction board for use in all types of tiling jobs.

Critically, because it is manufactured from 100% waterproof XPS, there is no need to tank wetrooms constructed using JACKOBOARD®, either with a waterproof membrane or a paint-on solution. This saves the installer both time and money, since a separate tanking system is not required and only the joints where the boards meet need to be taped.

The NHBC Standard states that “backing surfaces may require protection from a suitable tanking system”.

“This guidance is completely correct,” says Martin Harragan from BEWI, “but it should not be interpreted to mean that if you are using an XPS backerboard, such as JACKOBOARD®, you have to tank the entire substrate of your wetroom. The closed structure of an XPS board means that it is totally impossible for water to pass through it, in the way that it would through a fibre cement board for instance.”

JACKOBOARD® is keen to communicate this message to the many different trades who get involved in the installation of wetroom systems, from the shower tray upwards. Although there are wetroom specialists, this job is often down to plumbers, M&E contractors, tilers, dryliners and flooring contractors. So, as wetrooms continue to increase in popularity, there are different trades who need to be aware of the benefits of XPS backerboards.

While offering the benefits of XPS, JACKOBOARD® can also offer a price advantage in the marketplace, due to the fact that the company manufactures its own foam, giving it complete control over cost, product quality and sustainability of manufacturing processes. These factors have enabled JACKOBOARD® to become the UK market leader in XPS construction boards.